Iron Union IU

According to the WHO, almost half of humanity suffers from an untreated iron deficiency. This is because the doctors are wrongly trained (iron lies). In Switzerland, the global iron lie was seen through thanks to the Iron Code.

The Swiss iron deficiency patients are the first in the world to be treated systematically and successfully with iron infusions and thus to see the “iron light”. An iron movement has developed here that is constantly growing and can be joined at any time.

Switzerland has changed since the rediscovery of iron deficiency syndrome and the effective intravenous iron therapy in Basel in 1998. To date, over a million iron deficiency patients have been successfully treated with iron infusions in order to become symptom-free and enjoy the lightness of being.

More than ten thousand doctors, Swiss hospitals and health insurance companies helped them to do this. They have united (E Pluribus Unum – many become one).

Helvetia as an allegorical female figure forms the Iron Union EU. Anyone can join.