iron advocates

Women of menstrual age and children have eight times less iron on board than adult men. This is why they very often suffer from iron deficiency symptoms such as exhaustion, listlessness, depressive mood, concentration problems, ADD, dizziness, neck tension, headaches or hair loss.

This does not have to be the case. If we overcome the fictions of the WHO, we will be able to heal.

The iron advocates give their iron deficiency patients the missing iron in a fast and effective way with iron infusions.

If we give them the missing iron in the first place, most of them will be healthy. This will ensure that in the future there will be healthier people at lower cost. In this way we can avoid unnecessary clarifications, wrong treatments and wrong psychiatrisations, which cost a lot of money.

There has been a revolt of conscience and masses in Switzerland. To date, over a million iron deficiency patients have been successfully treated with the help of over 10,000 doctors and Swiss hospitals. The iron movement was born in Helvetia.