iron critics

The iron critics are dying out in Switzerland. However, there are still some notable specimens that bitterly resist the iron movement. One of them is the German professor Thomas Rosemann, director of the Institute for General Practitioner Medicine at the University of Zurich. Together with the Swiss government and the WHO, he stands up for the fact that women and children can reasonably be expected to suffer from an untreated iron deficiency.

In doing so, they are guided by fictions of the WHO. WHO believes and even seriously teaches, for example, that iron deficiency is only manifest in anaemia and that a ferritin level of 15 ng/ml is sufficient for all women and children, although many are ill and this level is above 100 ng/ml in adult men. The iron critics obviously don’t like women and children to have as much iron as men!

The iron critics have forgotten that women menstruate and regularly lose iron. They have also forgotten that the iron concentration halves with every cell division and therefore decreases with children because of their growth. This often results in an iron deficiency that cannot be compensated for by the diet. If you demand a lower ferritin level of 15 ng/ml, you will be free of women and children. Such a person is on the unethical path.

That is why the iron movement was created, which leads to the Iron Union EU. (E Pluribus Unum – many become one).